What More Do “You People” Want?

The Romney’s have had about all they can stand of the probing about their taxes. Potential first lady Ann Romney has come out on the issue of Mitt Romney not releasing all of his tax returns. Completely dismissing an issue that has been raised repeatedly, Ann Romney stated that they have “given all you people need to know.” How is that for push back? How long before the backlash reaches a fever pitch? Does anyone want to make a 10 grand bet on how long it will take before a retraction or backpedal of some sort comes out?

-Marc W. Polite



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  1. No retraction is coming, these are Republicans, balls of steel baby!….but they will probably disclose the info because of media pressure or it will cost them the election…i bet they do it in the final days so that enough of the public can’t get the info and digested.

  2. Ha! Good point there Fausto. At some point, they have to disclose their tax returns. Otherwise, it will continue to haunt them. Even other Republicans are calling for Romney to divulge this information.

  3. I agree with the other commenter. One thing republicans don’t do is get out of line on a message (something democrats have a hard time doing). But honestly, I don’t think Romney will release those records. I think there is something there that he doesn’t want us to know.

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