With Surrogates Like This: Cory Booker Criticizes President Obama’s Attack On Romney’s Record

Cory Booker has stepped into the national political spotlight. Although it is not quite in the way he may have forseen. In an appearance on Meet The Press this past Sunday, Mayor Booker criticized the Obama campaign for focusing on the issue of Bain Capital. Mitt Romney has touted his experience in the private sector as one of the reasons he is more qualified to be President. Romney maintains that he can create jobs and help the economy recover.

When a political candidate makes such a claim, then it is to be expected that it will be scrutinized. Apparently, this was too much for Mayor Booker. He stated on air that he found the attacks on Romney “naseauting” and went on to say that he does not want to “indict capital” While he raised the issue on the Republican side regarding Reverend Wright, to liken them both is comparing apples and oranges.

To be fair, Cory Booker has backed off this statement. He reaffirmed his support for President Obama, but many political observers are unconvinced. The loud denunciation from supporters of President Obama was enough to make him seriously reconsider his remarks. When you are a political surrogate, you cannot criticize the main line of attack. It makes one look untrustworthy. By attempting to play middle of the road, Booker opened himself up to this level of excoriation.

Furthermore, another point not picked up on by some observers is the fact that Cory Booker did say that he himself may be seen as a “job cutter” is telling. In defending Bain Capital and what occured with businesses the firm took over, Booker solidarizes with profiteering over people. Mayor Booker has done some of this in slashing Newark municipal services, so he has some experience in this area. With surrogates like this..

-Marc W. Polite


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