Author Profile: Shauntae M. Jordan

Shauntae M. Jordan, MBA

The cost of a college education is an increasingly pressing issue. So much, that the issue has come up in issues of national politics. With more and more people taking on higher and higher debt, its fair to ask is there a better way out there to pay for college.

One individual who knows the answer to that question is Shauntae M. Jordan.  She is a graduate of Winston-Salem State University, and holds an MBA. She obtained a number of scholarships and was able to limit debt this way. The name of her book is Learn How I Made A Fortune While In College.   An author and motivational speaker from South Carolina, Shauntae is determined to share her story with a broader audience. Below is a clip from today, where Ms. Jordan informs us how she went about doing this. In case you missed it today, Shauntae will be at the City College Bookstore tomorrow, Tuesday May 8th from 12noon to 2pm.


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