Demand Justice For Trayvon Martin

As many of you may already be aware, Trayvon Martin was the Florida teenager shot and killed by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman. Martin was unarmed, yet Zimmerman maintains that he acted in self-defense. The 911 tapes, which were released this weekend, tell another story. With so many questionable things about this incident out there now, the next step has to be an arrest of Zimmerman.
The family of Trayvon Martin is calling for the FBI to investigate, as the Sanford police department appears unwilling to do anything further. How many more days of foot dragging will be allowed? If there is to be any justice in this horrible incident, it has

to result in an arrest. Otherwise, the idea of vigilantism may supplant it.

With national attention on this egregious case, now would be a great opportunity for greater authorities to step in and handle what has so blatantly been mishandled. The Sanford police department had ample time to act. It has not, and still refuses to do so.

Are Black children open targets, free to be set upon by not only law enforcement, but overzealous vigilantes as well? Until something is done, it appears so.

Marc W. Polite

Update: The Justice Department is now investigating the circumstances of Trayvon Martin’s death. 3.20.12


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