Week In Review: 2/5-2/11

Santorum Surge, Romney Embarassed

The unexpected political winner of the week is Rick Santorum. On Tuesday, the GOP presidential candidate swept three states, raising questions about the intensity of support for frontrunner Mitt Romney. This will mean of course a long campaign, and many opportunities to expose the weaknesses of all GOP candidates. The Democrats are all too ready to point them out. Which leads us to the second big political story of the week.

President Obama Takes SuperPAC Money, Reversing Earlier Stance

President Obama has changed his mind on the issue of SuperPACs.  A Super PAC is a political action committee that can raise an unlimited amount of funds for a candidate. After saying that SuperPACs are a “threat to democracy” the president has chosen to utilize them. Many pundits are saying that the president “had no choice” and must not deny himself of methods the Republicans are using. Participating in a broken system is not the way to fix it. Not to mention that it makes campaign finance reform that much more unlikely in the future. But then again, as long as your “team” has a chance to win, it doesn’t matter what underhanded tactics are employed, right?

New York Black Community Outraged by Latest NYPD Shooting

In an all too familiar scene, there were protests over the shooting of Bronx teenager Ramarley Graham. Weary of how these investigations proceed, and wary of the NYPD, the Bronx community has likened them to the KKK. That’s a fair assessment. The Klan did  terrorize Black neighborhoods and kill people for no reason. Sounds like the NYPD’s working model.

What was the story of the week in your opinion?

-Marc W. Polite





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