Blogging: Why I Do This

Good evening everyone! No set topic tonight, but I just wanted to say hello to all my readers out there. I’m going to be a little off topic tonight, but bare with me.  At times, as with anything, a person needs to sit back, and look at the big picture. While this is the time of politics and such, ever so often I get a reminder of why I do this. By this, I mean everything I am doing with the web and technology. All this stuff is going on around us, and things can be moving so fast, that you may not get a chance to ask why. Why put these ideas out here like that? Why do I go as hard as I go with this? Am I trying to prove something? Show out? I have had someone ask me aren’t I scared to put myself out here like I do.

Well, it may sound arrogant, but I do this because I feel I have to. I just feel like there is a vacuum out here that has to be filled. I don’t want to be the one that was supposed to do something, but didn’t do it. I do this because I want to do my little part for the struggle. I do this because folks need to know what is going on out here. I do this because I changed my mind. After showing major restraint for years, not realizing it was to my own detriment, I decided to “show the repertoire” as rapper Nature once said. I do this so the next generation wont have to start all over again with the family history. With everyone wilding out about the issue of privacy on Facebook and online social networks in general, it seems counter intuitive to be so open. Yes, it might be dangerous to put all this info out here, but ain’t none of us guaranteed safety. No one is promised tomorrow. Besides, I don’t believe in living scared. I’m willing to risk it if I can make an impact on people. Why should I wait to “be somebody” before I tell my story?

So yup. Pardon the informal nature of this post, but I felt the need to come out and say that, just the way I put it out. Before I go, I need to ask: How is everyone enjoying their Black History Month so far? Please do remember that Black history IS American history. I hope everyone is out here learning something new, challenging themselves, etc. Its needed.  Alright then, I said enough for a post off the top. Back to regular format, rigid schedule and all that other mess. Ha! Good  night folks!

-Marc W. Polite

P.S. Check out my profile on my family history if you get a chance. I just saw it today. Oh, the power of Google. *Smile*



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