President Obama Focuses On Economic Matters In State Of The Union Address

Tonight was a night of great plans. The big theme of the third State of The Union address for President Obama was the economy. With the economy slowly recovering according to the quoted figures, President Obama outlined some ideas to keep the recovery going, and ensure that every American has a fair shot at achieving. To counterbalance the reality of outsourcing and the massive loss of jobs due to the Recession, the president spoke on the necessity of “nation-building at home” Economic protectionism was a strong undercurrent in this address. Consider the statements about the American auto industry being back.

One other strong underlying message was the indirect criticisms given of the Republicans. With the statement about not wanting to subsidize millionaires, and tax reform, its unmistakable that Mitt Romney was the target of that. No names necessary. Insider trading was mentioned, just in case Newt Gingrich thought he would escape unscathed. Now, this is a great thing for the president to hint at the need for reform. But, lets see how much of this actually comes to pass.

President Obama gave a great, uplifting speech tonight, and fended off attacks from his GOP critics. However, the question remains will he follow through on any of these promised reforms, or will they drop by the wayside like the public option promised during the health care debate? Will the promises to focus on alternative energy and retraining via community colleges ever see the light of day? For the sake of the people who need help, this writer certainly hopes so.

-Marc W. Polite

P.S.- Was it just me, or did President Obama just infer a possible trade war with China?


  1. Does Obama think we are so stupid as to his being a dumb ass non experienced half ass leader. We have for more than 3 years watch this Czar focused dumb ass put more people on dead ass monthly tax payer supported income. Come on Obama get thy brothers and sisters to work. Hey you have given money to your clan and let the rest of use to find our stash else where. I would say the congress is more realistic than you are, with you its your F in way or the hy way and I saw along with congress screw you as they are the reps of we the people. Stop trying to make Congress your scapegoat A. H. Since Obama came to power his bowing down and kissing other men I’m ashamed of our country’s representation of America. What an asshole.

  2. Good evening Ron. I am going to need you to clarify what you mean by non-experienced leader. Actually, the amount of people on “tax payer” supported income was bigger under George Bush. In case you were not aware, the recession started under his watch. Also clarify “clan”. You are are just repeating conservative talking points without thinking about whether they are true or not.

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