Red Tails: A Good Action Film, Not a Documentary


Good morning everyone! Last night, I took in a showing of Red Tails, the movie about the Tuskegee airman. I have to say first off, that I was entertained. This is a film with some good action scenes in it. For those that may not know, the Tuskegee Airmen were an all Black group of fighter pilots active during the Second World War.

The key thing that people need to realize is that it is an action flick. Don’t go in expecting a documentary. Its a Hollywood film, which means that its not going to touch on every aspect of history. Its a war flick, with over the top bravado and explosions to keep audiences engaged. The dogfighting scenes (air to air plane combat) were cool.

This film has historical value. One of the things the film depicted was how these Black soldiers had to fight on two fronts. They had to fight for the right to serve their country, against the notion that they were not fit for dangerous missions. The film is a reminder that the batttle for desegregation and full citizenship started in the armed forces.

Now, there seems to be more controversy around the film itself than the topic of the Tuskegee Airmen. I encourage people to think for themselves, and not trust the reviewers who are trashing the movie. Please keep in mind that this movie almost didn’t get made. Much respect to George Lucas for putting up his own money to get this out.  If we don’t support this one, than it makes it that much harder for other Black historical films to get made.  I for one would like to see a film about the Harlem Hellfighters of World War 1. Let’s support Black films, and those that have something to offer besides slapstick.

Marc W. Polite

P.S. If I find out that you plan on seeing “Think Like A Man” but wont see#RedTails, then I’m coming for you in person. #GhettoSensei



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