Desegregation Homework

Apparently, diversity is the order of the day. A class of third graders in Georgia were given math questions about slavery last week. The rationale? The teachers wanted to incorporate social studies into math problems. Well, its the thought that counts. But since we are doing this, let us come up with our own little curriculum, shall we? I am sure those teachers wont mind at all. There is no multiple choice, cause its important that students understand. Get your pencils ready! Here goes!

1. In Macon, Georgia of 1961, a third of the police officers were card carrying Klansmen. If there are 90 cops in the town, how many of them wear the hood?

2. A church in New York is raising money to support the Freedom Riders. Bus tickets to Birmingham cost 15 dollars. At 3 dollars a plate, how many chicken dinners will Ethel have to sell to put a person on the bus?

3. Its 1964 in Mecklenburg County. There are 45 segregated schools. If court orders desegregate schools  at a rate of 3 per month, how many months will it take to desegregate the entire county?

Marc W. Polite


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