Welcome To 2012!

Greetings all! I decided to hit you up a little early and drop the first post of 2012. I hope you enjoyed the festivities, and aren’t too messed up to read this. LOL. Anyway, 2011 is gone, and a new year is upon us. I just wanted to start the year out on a good note, and extend my thanks to everyone who reads, shares, retweets, or comments on the things on here. I never take my audience for granted. Of all the millions of blogs out there, y’all read mine. I am truly humbled. *Takes bow*

I wish you all a prosperous, healthy and happy new year. 2012 is a big year. We have the Iowa Caucuses in a couple of days, and a presidential election. It will be more important than ever to pay attention. To things like the new state laws that will be in effect this year. That’s what Polite On Society is here for. To keep you informed of political issues and social issues in the African-American community in particular.Stay awake, stay aware, and get ready. This will be a very interesting year.

Marc W. Polite

*Is putting back on his Political Science hat*



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