National Security Bill Threatens American Civil Liberties

While political observers have their focus primarily on the 2012 elections, new bills are in the planning that compromise our way of life. The National Defense Authorization Act is such a bill. New, sweeping provisions in the bill nullify the constitutional rights of every American. Amongst the most concerning features is the part of the bill that calls for indefinite detention for American citizens who carry out or “support” terrorist organizations. The definition of support is so wide, that almost anyone can be accused of providing it for an organization that the government deems is meant to do harm. No trial necessary.

President Obama can veto it, but it looks as if he will not. There has been outcry from President Obama’s progressive supporters. Apparently, that hasn’t made him reconsider. This is why it’s important to watch everything that is occurring. It is not enough to point the finger at what the Republicans are saying. We must also be vigilant and bring attention to what the current president is doing to undermine all of our rights in the name of fighting the War on Terror. Will a former constitutional law professor be the one for all intents and purposes to shred the constitution?

-Marc W. Polite




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