Herman Cain Drops Out of Presidential Race

Herman Cain

This past Saturday, embattled GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain suspended his bid for the highest office in the land. In the midst of so many accusations of sexual misconduct and revelations of affairs, Cain decided to call it quits. It was only a matter of time. Despite the spike in his popularity, these numerous accusers put a cloud of suspicion over his credibility. The unfortunate part of this all, is that it appears as though Cain went out because of moral failings, not his horrible grasp of the issues, even by conservative standards.

The core problem with Herman Cain was that he was not at all knowledgeable of economics, international issues, or social problems. Not to mention that he was completely alienated from the rest of the Black community. When you say things like racism today isn’t that big of a deal, its no wonder that not many in the Black community exactly rallied around him. After a completely tone deaf response to Occupy Wall Street, it was apparent that he hadn’t even the sense The thing that we need to realize now, is that to the GOP, Cain was expendable and extraneous. A complete shill. The fact that he didn’t put Ann Coulter in her place when she claimed him as “One Of Our Blacks” shows that he, like other prominent Black Republicans refuse to challenge the racism in their own party. Michael Steele was expendable, and did not push back against the thinly veiled racism of Rush Limbaugh. You see where that got him.

Cain had a powerful personal story,  a self-made man. The epitome of rugged individualism, but it was wasted in the service of a right wing agenda. Unless you are a complete slickster, the Black community knows when a person does not have their best interests at heart. Nothing brainwashed about rejecting an obvious blind ideologue.  The thing about talking reckless and for the purpose of getting media attention is that it doesn’t play well to Black progressive voters and those concerned about systemic racism. He thought he could do it without

Now he will join Alan Keyes, and Michael Steele as the ranks of discarded Negroes no longer deemed useful to GOP machinations. Tough break, there’s always the pizza shop.

Marc W. Polite


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