Internet Lockdown: SOPA Threatens Online Civil Liberties

The internet may change as we know it, and not for better if a proposed bill becomes law. The Stop Online Piracy Act or (SOPA) Bill is a sweeping proposal that gives companies the right to shut down or sue any website that it feels have infringed upon any copyrighted material. Scores of sites that are now legal could become illegal at the stroke of a pen. At a time where digital dissent is the means by which ideas spread, people should see the wider implications of this proposed law.

These powers are a bit too broad to be aimed at just online pirates. In this era of political upheaval, and with OWS doing much of its organizing via social media, the timing of this is no coincidence. While some balk at how Egypt earlier this year thought it could turn the internet off to stop social upheaval, if nothing is done, we may soon receive our own sort of censorship.

New Yorkers should be aware that Senator Kirsten Gillibrand supports this bill. The brief video below will give you an idea of what is at stake. To learn more about this, see How SOPA Would Affect You

Marc W. Polite

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