Polite On Society Week In Review- 11/13-11/19

Good afternoon folks! Another week passes us by, and there’s no shortage of things to speak on. Lets jump right in!

Occupy Your Commute

On the National Day of Action Called by the Occupy Wall Street movement on November 17th, the stated goal was to disrupt the New York Stock Exchange and traffic. While the NYSE was not shut down, there were disturbances of traffic by OWS protesters. Some even had difficulty getting home from work. How this will go on, and what effect will the movement have on those with jobs and who have to get to and fro remains to be seen.

SOPA Bill Threatens to Criminalize Large Swath of Web

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) Bill is now being considered in Congress. The stated purpose of it is to pursue online pirates. However, many are concerned that the broad powers the bill calls for will result in censorship. As more and more people become aware of this, it will be a rallying point for concern about civil liberties and their protection online.

Cuban Stumble

GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain just keeps bringing the unintentional funny. This week while dining at a restaurant in Miami, Cain asked the crowd “How do you say delicious in Cuban?” The man is a gaffe machine. At this point, lets keep him in the race so we have some comic relief. Lets kick back and watch the nonsense. Sissy pizza for everyone!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

-Marc W. Polite

Eats “Sissy Pizza” and Does Not Speak Cuban



  1. You know, I was all down with OWS, then they want to switch from non-violent protesting to disrupting and ish. They STILL don’t have a clear cut message. I know what the gist is. There needs to be a massive overhaul. Not sure it will be accomplished with OWS. I hope top guns are listening. But OWS is now occupying my commute as you pointed out and soon the people will turn against them. Then what?

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