Polite On Society Week In Review- 10/16-10/22

Gaddafi Killed

Six months after the intervention in Libya, Colonel Gaddafi has been killed.  The Libyan head of state was reportedly captured alive, and then allegedly died in a firefight between his loyalists and  Transitional National Council rebel soldiers. Well, whatever the story, the doctrine of Responsibility to Protect is the new order of the day, and every head of state that falls out of favor with the United States is a potential target. The amount of distrust this sort of belligerent interventionism will sow in the Middle East as well as other parts of the world is one consequence few are considering now in the midst of this jubilation.

U.S. Send Advisors To Uganda

In yet another military undertaking on the African continent, President Obama sent military “advisors” into Uganda to find the Lord’s Resistance Army. Another intervention. At what point will it not be prudent to be entangled in so many foreign affairs? #justwondering

Stop And Frisk Protest in Harlem

On Friday, protesters gathered in Harlem to speak out against the NYPD policy of Stop And Frisk. Prof. Cornel West was among the 30 protesters arrested for blocking the entrance to the precinct. This was partially inspired by Occupy Wall Street, so it seems.

Black New Yorkers Not Pleased With WABC’s Tribute To Gil Noble

The legendary Black public affairs show “Like It Is” showed its last episode this week, and many were underwhelmed. In fact, some have pointed out that it the way it was done was an affront to what Gil Noble stands for. Apparently, Charles Barron made some comments that the network did not favor, and they were edited out of the program. In addition to denouncing what it sees as censorship, CEMOTAP is now calling for a demonstration in front of the WABC on October 27th. CEMOTAP stands for Committee to Eliminate Media Offensive To African People.

-Marc W. Polite


  1. It has long been my contention that the United States government has an overblown feeling of its power when it comes to the rest of the world. The utter conceit that we can ‘fix’ everything wrong while our country is failing miserably, astounds me.

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