Polite On Society Week In Review- 10/9/-10/15

Recession Officially Over, Experts Still Need More People

The Great Recession is over according to economic experts. Apparently, those of us still seeing layoffs and cutbacks all around us aren’t wise enough to see that the worst has passed. What do you think? Is the economy in weak recovery?

NYPD Admits It Plants Drugs On Innocent People

*Cop Voice* “What’s This?” – The Daily News broke the story of fabricated¬†drug charges being leveled at innocent people. This is not news in the African American and Latino communities, as this has been happening for who knows how long. While informally many people in urban areas know good and well this is the case, its good to have it out there. This information comes from a ex-narcotics detective under investigation, and there were more people implicated as well. Perhaps this will encourage a pushback against the policy of stop and frisk? One can only hope.

Jobs Bill Defeated

On the very night of the Republican Presidential Debates on the Economy, President Obama’s jobs bill was defeated in the Senate. Now the next step that the White House plans to take is to raise new measures to tackle unemployment, but in smaller parts than the original $447 billion plan. Whether this will be effective in the current environment of obstruction, is unclear at this point. This will be an ongoing battle, and with 2012 around the corner, cooperation from the GOP is less likely.

Herman Cain Now Leading GOP Presidential Candidate

Well, it looks like Cain is doing it right. Despite all of the mis-statements made about Occupy Wall Street, his non-role in the Civil Rights Movement, and even the nature of racism in this country, Cain has continued to pull ahead in the presidential race. What a surprise. Does this bode a showdown between Obama and Cain? It may be too early to tell, as this election cycle is still young, so to speak. It will be interesting to watch things unfold.

What was the story of the week in your opinion? I welcome your commentary. Enjoy your Saturday everyone!

-Marc W. Polite

Hoping The Po-Po Don’t Plant “That Work” On Me for Writing This Post


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