MSNBC’s Tamron Hall Mentions Polite On Society As A Blog She Reads

In an article titled “What I Read” on today’s Atlantic Wire, Tamron Hall of MSNBC mentions Polite On Society as a blog that she regularly reads. The NewsNation host gets her news from the internet exclusively. This blog was mentioned between the iconic Chicago Tribune and The Grio, two major sources of news. Not even a  full month after winning the Best Black Blogger Award, and things like this occur. Awesome.

I want to take the time to thank Tamron Hall for linking to this blog, and appreciate the recognition. I am truly humbled. You never know who is reading your material on the internet. Talk about motivation!  Its been a long day. So I will leave you with some links, and wish you all a good night. Peace.

For more on MSNBC’s Tamron Hall visit: About Tamron

Check out NewsNation as well.

-Marc W. Polite

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