Herman Cain: You’re Doing It Wrong

As the campaign of GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain chugs along, things get more and more interesting. This week was rich with gaffes from the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, but lets start with his enlightened commentary on the Occupy Wall Street protests. He said that the protestors should not blame the bankers for their failings at getting a job, but instead blame themselves. He went even further, calling the protests “Un-American” and saying that bankers and brokers are the ones that create the jobs. Pure brilliance. But wait, there’s more! Just when you think it couldn’t get any more surreal, Mr. Cain gives you even more tainted fast food for thought.

In promoting his new book on the Laurence O’Donnell show, the former CEO says that he was too young to participate in the Civil Rights Movement. Even though the Civil Rights Movement was led by young people. Laurence wasn’t buying it. With two major statement fails in the same week, despite pulling ahead in the polls, it looks as if Cain is really great at putting his foot in his mouth. Obviously, the brother needs some help. To step his game up, the ex CEO need to Get Like Barry. Yeah I said it. In order to get a real shot at the nomination, Herman is gonna have to take pages from Obeezy’s playbook.

When you come out and blast the Occupy Wall Street Movement, you showed the heavy-handed and clumsiness that comes along with being a shill for the Tea Party and the conservative movement in general in this country. Aside from looking boorish, it was bad tactically. Chastising the only movement moving is the equivalent of pouring water on a grease fire. It’s only going to encourage it. You have to learn how to express false solidarity with a movement and “feel their pain” in order to win electorally. President Obama did exactly that in his statement on the protests, saying that they “give voice to people’s economic frustrations”  See how much better that is received? It is far better to make milquetoast comments on the protests against the banksters then to offer ham-fisted condemnation.

Had you ingratiated yourself to the Civil Rights Movement instead of saying you weren’t part of it, it could have looked better. You see how well the current president worked the community activist angle, securing activist cred for himself. You blew that one completely. But its not too late. Populist rage has to be diverted, not scolded. You have to learn to advocate for things like the jobs bill, that wont do much to resolve long term unemployment since it is mostly tax breaks. Playing both sides of the fence is the way forward if you truly want to un-seat the man currently in the White House to become the Second Black President. Co-opt, and divert, not condemn and demonize. It is the way of all wise statesmen.

Once you have that down pat, then you will be aight.

-Marc W. Polite

Covert GOP Strategist


  1. I was giving this guy the benefit of the doubt, but Im positive that he is a plant and here is why. The firebombs he drops are just too divisive and filled with agendas. What I mean by this is, the Rick Perry nigger head incident, i actually thought he may have been offended by his own comments. But when the conservative bloggers “put him in his place” he actually said the word didn’t bother him, he didn’t have a problem with it. I couldn’t believe my ears, he just threw all of his responsibility in addressing this away over what conservative white folks deemed out of line. Therefore I believe his a plant for the tea party, so that they dont seem offensive because they are backing him. Also, the comments about racism, Obama, and unemployed people he has made, is really read from a script, just yesterday, he said liberal black folks are more racist than white people. This guy knows he wont win the nomination, but he might as well get paid at the expense of black people courtesy of the Tea Party.

  2. Thanks for the commentary Paul. It looks like Cain is surging in the polls, but I am not certain about the real possibility of him grabbing the nomination. He is too much of an ideologue

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