Wall Street Occupation Continues; Other Protests to Follow Suit Around The Country

The open ended protest down at Wall Street is approaching its third week, despite being ignored by mainstream media outlets initially. The anti-corporate demonstrations are around the issues of corruption and the theft of the decent standard of living for many millions of people. After some serious media black out attempts, the protests have broken out into a major happening that would make many outlets look bad to continue to ignore. With no clear demands, but a list of many legitimate social grievances, the grouping calling themselves the 99 percent have garnered support from well known activists such as Cornel West and Michael Moore. Today, a contingent of Wall Street protesters marched across the Brooklyn Bridge, and that seems to have elevated things.

Now with today’s most recent development of mass arrests of hundreds of protesters by the NYPD, it appears that things have reached a turning point. The clamp down had to come, but no one expected it to be completely wholesale. There are reports that several busloads of protesters carted off, after a peaceful march. 700 people arrested at once is nothing to overlook. This will only give the protesters more attention, as it looks heavy handed.

What will this mean? After three weeks, and the example spreading to other cities for inspiration, this looks to be the beginning of a movement. Seriously. As things develop, you will see more on this. It is encouraging to see that people are beginning to say that we do not deserve this austerity being forced upon us by Wall Street. And it is most ironic that this round of protests begin in here in New York, and not in Washington, DC. Perhaps millions of people understand truly understand that Wall Street runs Washington, and not vice versa. Will this influence the political process? So many questions, and they appear that they will be answered by events, not evasive politicians seeking to calm things down. This post is primarily a statement of solidarity, and I leave it at that for now.

Marc W. Polite

99 percenter


  1. Indeed, Marc, this is a burgeoning movement, and seems to be growing roots for itself across the nation. I can’t say that I thoroughly convinced of it’s ability to effect the “fundamental change” it’s organizers have expressed as their goal, but time will tell. I certainly hope that the movement will continue to catch fire, and inspire young and other people around this country, because the poor, the unemployed, the sick, the and the imporverishsed truly need this socal elixir…

  2. I too have concerns for its staying power. I just hope it will not allow itself to be derailed and guided right back into dead end electoral solutions. Thank you for your comment Isaiah.

  3. I hope I haven’t come across as negative when what I am trying to convey is a cautious optimism. Movements, as the word suggests, come and go. Some simply move more rapidly into their sunset than others… We’re are all very hopeful that this particular awakening of the sleeping masses will jolt us into a long-lasting clarity about what we must do to ensure a bright future for our children and ourselves…

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