Polite On Society Week in Review: 7/31-8/6

It’s the end of a rough week in politics. Raw deals, stock market dips and FAA furloughs.

The Devil in the Details

As the deal to resolve the debt ceiling was made, more was discovered about the particulars. The public has learned that there will be cuts in many programs, but that’s not all.

Now, the FAA workers have been furloughed. 74,000 people including safety inspectors are not being paid. Congress kinda sorta forgot to include the agency in their negotiations. How do you forget about thousands of people? Then again, its Congress.. they to forget that their decisions impact millions of people. I heard of oversight but this is just ridiculous.

Furthermore, a committee of twelve or a “supercongress” will make additional decisions about what to slash from the federal budget later in the year.

Looks like we are in for some great times huh? #oppositeyear

U.S. Credit Downgraded

For the first time in history, the United States credit was downgraded. Standard and Poor reduced the country from AAA to AA+ because the debt ceiling deal “didn’t go far enough” I wonder exactly what is meant by that. Do they mean that not enough spending cuts were made, or not enough new revenue was raised? Something tells me that since our politicians have an aversion to doing what’s necessary economically and raising taxes on the wealthy, more cuts are definitely in the works. I think I should start getting used to the taste of cat food, because I damn sure will be eating it in my 60s.

Obeezy’s “Hip-Hop” BBQ

Speaking of eats, did you know that president Obama had a BBQ? Well that is what Fox News called his birthday party. No, I’m not making this up. So any gathering a Black man throws has to have hip hop involved. Wow. Don’t you just love Post racial America? Between this and the controversy about the new Afro-Latino Spiderman, I see more reasons to put my red black and green flag away. #thestuggleisover

So there we have it folks! If you aren’t looking for work, in grad school, planning on retiring, or overly concerned about flight safety it was a good week! What else will our genius elected officials do to make our lives more interesting and challenging? One can only wait and see. Until the next Hip-Hop BBQ, I bid you adieu! #feelsslightednotinvited

Marc W. Polite
Is bringing the hot sauce


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