Debt Ceilings and Deficit Hawks: Is Cutting “Entitlements” The Solution?

A public political fight over fiscal policy has emerged. The federal deficit has taken the priority in the conversation about economic recovery more than unemployment.  In the face of a failed recovery in terms of jobs, this talk of deficit reduction is out of step with what millions of people face. Especially considering the fact that military expenditures will remain untouched.  The House approved more funds towards defense this past week, to the tune of an additional 17 billion dollars next year alone.

Now with talks falling through on the weekend about what expenses to scale back, domestic spending is in jeopardy. When did fiscal policy become so lopsided? And what will these program cuts mean to the families that rely on them? Do you think Social Security and Medicare should be cut? Should certain social programs be off limits? Let me know what you think.

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