Polite Society: 100th Post

Good evening folks! This is my 100th post! I figured I would do a lil something different for this occasion, so I shot a short vid to go along with this post. It’s a little rugged, but here goes nothing. These conversion programs been acting up on a brotha. Meh. I ain’t gonna be on some Spike Lee/Anthony Fuqua ish out the gate. Ha. Enjoy. Or not. Shout out to all my readers and tweeters! Before you cut to the vid, let me know what you think about Rent control policy in this little poll below. Peace y’all!

Edit: 6.26.11- I managed to merge the files. I had to convert from wmv to 3gp.  Shout out to Brandon for the hook up.  I will get this down pat one way or another. Trial and error, trial and error. Programs cannot be allowed to stop the greatness. LOL.

Marc W. Polite

Shining, but still refining.(Still learning this vid thing y’all)

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