R.I.P. Manning Marable

Scholar and Columbia Professor Manning Marable passed yesterday. With a new book about Malcolm X coming, this is such a shock.  To me, he was one of the three major Black intellectuals who reached out of the field of academia to bring knowledge to the people. Of course, those in the know realize that those other two are Cornel West and Michael Eric Dyson.

I spent last night actually looking at some of the books I have from him on my shelf.  Most know about his masterpiece, How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America, but I also encourage you to look up another work of his. During grad school, I came upon a great anthology called “Let Nobody Turn Us Around: Voices of Resistance, Reform, and Renewal edited by Manning Marable and Leith Mullings.

I don’t have much more to say than that. I am still down about it. So this entry will be a little short. Rest in Peace, Prof. Marable.

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