Wisconsin, Ohio, and Your State Next: The National Campaign Against Unions

The spirit of union-busting is in the air. Wisconsin threatens to set a precedent with the destruction of the rights of unions to collective bargain over issues that effect working people. As the damage spreads, the people attacking the standard of living become emboldened. While this is all happening at a rapid pace, there are some fundamental questions that need to be asked. Why the big push to reduce the power of the unions now? Are the ones in power using the Great Recession as an excuse to do what they have wanted to do for decades?

As we begin another week with unions in the public consciousness as a dirty word, let us think what this means in general for the forseeable future. Unemployment is down at the moment, but this union busting crusade threatens to reverse that trend. Also, does anyone believe that the economy will be better off with the lower wage jobs and whittling away of benefits that are sure to follow this reform of labor laws? Also, why aren’t those who want to default on pensions regarded as thieves? Or can only poor people steal from those with more and never vice versa?  While the media is distracted with the antics of Charlie Sheen(However funny it is), a future of much, much less promise is unfolding right in front of our eyes.

To find out how disingenuous the current push against public workers is, visit Stop The Lies

Marc W. Polite

Labor Advocate

(P.S.- There is more on the way on this issue, stay tuned)

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