Polite Society: First Year Anniversary

Greetings everyone! Tomorrow, May 17th will mark the first year anniversary of Polite Society. Over the past year, I have learned a great deal about this thing we call blogging, and have interacted with many people, discussing various issues. Just to do a quick recap, this blog touched upon issues ranging from hip-hop to political and social commentary.  I started off addressing issues that people face when they turn 30, and from there I reposted an article I wrote for The Paper critiquing the several analyses of hip-hop at the 4th Great Debate in Harlem.

I reviewed the Undergods EP, Rakim’s The Seventh Seal, and Melatonin Magik by Canibus.  Aside from this, I also expressed my opinions on issues such as offshore drilling, President Obama and his at times distant relationship with the African-American community, and publicized my dissent on the concept of Black Male Privilege.  I also reported a little bit about the National Black Writer’s Conference, and in my most personal blog, talked about my mother and her struggles in the most recent Mother’s Day post. I also tackled the issue of some of the very real divisions between foreign born and American Black people, and The “Negro Dialect” debacle.

I wanted to take this time to extend my thanks to all of my readers and subscribers. You have all helped me a great deal in finding my writer’s voice. Without the feedback that I have received from my interactions, I would not have had the necessary courage to really put my work out there. In a year’s span, I have arguably gotten more out of bouncing ideas, arguing with folks (in a civil manner of course) than I have out of years of protesting/marching against the various things that are out there to be upset about.  Yeah. It’s that real.  Shout outs to all those who respected my thoughts enough to engage me, and also to those who encourage me to push a little further when the only thing standing in my way was my own doubt. I don’t want to name any particular folks, cause I don’t want anyone to feel left out. Just know that whether it was on my FB wall, Twitter page, Direct Message or e-mail inbox, you the reader were just as much apart of this process as anyone else.

In addition to all this, I want to open up the floor to folks, and ask: What do you like best about Polite Society? What do you least like? What was your favorite post? What issues would you like to see me tackle? Would you like to see a podcast by me? Where would you like to see me take this thing? I will be awaiting all your suggestions, and take them into serious consideration. This blog is not just about me, myself and I, its a public service in a way as well.

I want to remind all of my original mission statement that I laid down a year ago.  I said that “Writing anything has its risks, and not saying anything is the only way you can assure you will not be taken the wrong way.” This is the approach I have taken, and it is the one I will continue to take as I press even more words out.  Aight then my fellow WordPress Warriors, until next blog… peace!




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