Just My Thoughts: After the National Black Writer’s Conference

Good afternoon everyone! I just want to drop a quick post about yesterday’s National Black Writers Conference. I am still basking in the inspiration from yesterday’s interaction. Its good to be in the presence of Black writers who are unapologetic about their point of view. At the conference many issues were  raised; street lit was defended and criticized. Hip-Hop was discussed, and the issue of Black portrayals in the media was on of the recurring themes discussed, whether it be in the halls or from the podium.

Inspiration is just as necessary a component as the technical ins an outs of the writing process, and that was discussed a great deal.  The New York Times put out an article raising the question of whether or not a Black writer’s conference is necessary in this day. The question was answered with a resounding yes, with Kevin Powell leading the charge in stating that he is both “a Black writer and a writer”

Hearing things like this remind me of why I even started Polite Society. I don’t wanna gnaw your ears off any more, but  you get the point. I took in depth notes, but not every point would be pertinent to talk about cause its mostly insider stuff. But if you would like to hear more on that, contact me. “I get more in depth if you boys(and girls) really real enough”- Jay-Z


*Goes back to streaming the rest of the conference*

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