UnderGods EP

To those who follow the hip-hop underground, Keith Murray and Canibus are important figures from the mid/late 90’s rap era. Keith Murray, who debuted on Erick Sermon’s 1993 Album “No Pressure” went on to release “The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World” a year later. Canibus debuted to the hip-hop world on Lost Boyz 1997 Album, “Love Peace and Nappiness”, and then dropped his debut album, “Can-I-Bus”, a year later.  While  arguably both of these emcees have not had the commercial success that they deserved, they still have the respect of rap loyalists everywhere.

So, it is no surprise that both of these artist come together to do a project. The Undergods EP is the first outing of the lyrical duo, is a record strictly for the heads.  Coming in at only 7 songs, this has an extremely 90’s sound to it.  Yes, that head-nodding, intent listening vibe. Yup! “Show Em What Crazy Is”  and “Gotta Be Real” are late-night college radio material. There is an appearance by Crooked I of Slaughterhouse,  and he meshes right in with Murray and ‘Bis rhyme style. Could there be an Undergods/Slaughterhouse collaboration  coming down the pike? True heads can only hope.  Will this lead to a revival of the Horsemen? We shall see.

This is the preview of the full length album from “the burnout brothers” coming in January. I will definitely be checking for it, and will give a full review of it when it comes out.  Until then, give this a listen if you enjoy that type of lyricism.

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