Facing 30

What up y’all? Its me again, back with my latest blog titled: “Facing 30” I just had a couple of things that I wanted to unpack mentally. Now, today is exactly a month away from yours truly turning that big, dreaded 3 to the izz- 0. I got a couple of things swirling around in my mind as the countdown continues.

The age of thirty is really a milestone in an individual’s life. Its that age where our society deems you to be a full-fledged adult. It’s a world of difference from 18, when you are essentially still a teenager but old enough to die for your country. Its even different from 21 where you are of legal drinking age, but by most people’s standards you still are wet behind the ears. It is even different from the age of 25, a time where you are in the middle of your twenties, and supposed to be on your way to your chosen path. The key difference between all of these life milestones is that according to the larger society, with these three ages you should be on your way, and by 30, you are expected to be there.

In our westernized society, the experience of three full decades of life means that one is expected to have most of it together. The dark side of this measurement by society based on this timetable, is that is unforgiving to those who haven’t met its standards by then. Its as if it is whispered to you: “If you haven’t achieved it by now, its not gonna happen for you, son”

Also compound that with the fact that you are now officially aged out of most forms of entertainment. Music is marketed nowadays to that 18-29 demographic, so that does NOT include you anymore. The most they got for us now is some 90’s greatest hits that we can cop off Amazon for $5.99. ( I went and bought some Wu-Tang, so what?)

Anywho, as this date moves closer, you might find yourself inundated with more musings from the emerging “Old Head”. Your thoughts, questions and comments are more than welcome, but I implore you to not be too mean spirited, as I can become crotchety if such an attitude is displayed.  I will now turn in, as it is way past this young senior citizens bed time.. *Coughs up dust*

P.S. – I recommend the film “30 to Live starring Erika Alexander and Allen Payne (Maxine Shaw from Living Single and G-Money from New Jack City to us old heads)



  1. Marc, welcome to the party! 3o’s are the new teens…LOL I love my 30’s, so far its my favorite decade. I’m more sure of myself and still growing. I don’t think you’re officially “grown” until you hit 30…LOL. I really started to define myself and make moves based on my definitions. I hear 40’s are even better and I’m going to embrace them when the time comes. Society tends to look down on aging, especially women but I think people get better with age…and that’s my two cents!

  2. Hey Dawn. Thank you for your comments, and I definitely see your perspective on this.. its an understanding that I have to grow into.. in time.

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